Dental Implants

Teeth implantation became nowadays a routine process. Patients usually think a very complex picture about teeth implantation that is true to only a small part. However, for most patients, it is a surprising experience that teeth implantation is virtually painless, even more humane than root canal treatment. The operation itself takes place in local anesthesia and the patient feels almost no pain, since there are less nerve-endings in the bone tissues.

After the patient got the anesthetic and its effect takes place, the implantologist creates the place of the artificial root with a special surgical device and fixates the previously planned and sized implants into the bone.

In certain cases the teeth implantation could not be made, due to lack of adequate mass of bone substance , could not be taken the implants in, because the jaw is too thin or small. In these cases, bone replacement is needed before teeth implantation.

After the implant had been put in, the gum forming healing pin would be put on it immediately or several weeks later, depending on the cirmumstances of the operation. The function of the pin is to help the gum, achieve its ideal shape for the final implantational replacement, after the implantation.