Prosthetic Dentistry

Bridges and crowns

A crown is needed when the original crown of the tooth is so damaged that it can not be restored by filling. The visible part of the tooth is restored with the crown, both functionally and aesthetically. If there is adequate amount of teeth material, stump construction can be made on the remains of the teeth. Sometimes pin construction is needed for strutting, which is fixed into the root canal. The crown is a kind of tooth replacement that covers the properly prepared tooth stump and is fixated on it by a special dental adhesive, also known as cement.

The fix bridge is a kind of teeth replacement that fixates the replacement teeth on remains of teeth, sometimes on roots or implants that replace them.

Considering their materials, crowns and bridges could be made of:

  • metal-ceramics: the ceramic coating is put on nickel-free metal frame
  • titanium
  • golden-platinum alloy
  • zirconium: a completely metal-free solution
    • In case of metal allergy, the usage of allergic material should be avoided, we would offer an individually appropriate solution.

Advantages of the metal-free (zirconium) crown:

  • completely metal free that is why metal allergy would not occur
  • stronger than metals, yet the frame has the color of the teeth, letting the light through
  • the porcelain concealment perfectly imitates natural enamel
  • natural aesthetic effect
  • optimal light transmissivity
  • no gray gumlines
  • due to the strong frame, polynomial bridges can be made
  • due to computer technology, remarkably precise and accurate


  • more expensive than the traditional metal-ceramic solutions