Tooth Whitening

How much tone would my teeth become whiter?

Whitening does not guarantee the same outcome for everyone. The condition of teeth, the way of living and the method and duration of the whitening method affect the outcome. According to our experience, the treatment would whiten about 6-7 tones on a scale of 16 tones, that is why we could say, it is the most effective peroxide free whitening treatment available.

Is whitening painful?

For the quick and spectacular impression, the clinical whitening methods contain hidrogene peroxide in high concentration that could cause irritation or sensitiveness.

I had seen whitening for a price of 30 €. How good could it be?

Truly, there are lots of methods to choose from, but cheap ones usually fall short. Their quality is questionable, they could have harmful side effects. They might sound good, but better beware! The health of your teeth is at stake.

Is it recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers?

The use of whitening materials is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Does whitening have the same effect, if I have a crown?

In case of having a crown, the material of the crown could not be whitened, but the discolouration stacked on it could be whitened.