Jaw cyst removal

Cyst is a sac, padded with epithelial tissue, has wall of connective tissue and its cavity is filled with weak yellow liquid. The main characteristics of cysts that they grow constantly. In case of buccal cyst, the pressure, caused by the liquid in the cyst wastes the surrounding bone tissue away, breakage may occur in the jaw. In case of cyst growing between teeth, the shove of the roots occur that does not cause discomfort at first, but later, the crowns of the teeth start to tilt together. As we have mentioned, cysts does not cause symptoms at first stage, they are usually revealed by a radiograph made for another reason. If you feel your teeth entangled, visit our dental office for a thorough medical check-up!

Procession of removal

The cyst could be removed surgically only. The foremost goal of the surgery is to completely remove the padding of the cyst, because it can restart growing if there are epithelial cells remaining.

The second goal of the surgery is to stop the bone defects.

There are several surgical methods to remove the cyst, depending mainly on its size and location.

  • In the first phase, we make incisions in the gum and make the lobe
  • In the second phase, the bone, covering the cyst would be removed with rongeur forceps
  • In the third phase, the cyst would be removed in whole, through the bone window
  • In case of small cyst, the recovery after the surgery takes place without the use of grit
  • In case of large cyst, the cavity would be filled with bone splinters
  • The length of the recovery phase depends on the age of the patient, the regeneration of the bone takes usually one or two years

Indications after the surgery:

  • While the effect of the analgesic lasts, keep off eating
  • Bulge of the face could happen after the surgery, this could be eased by using cold pack
  • Rest for a few days after the surgery
  • Brushing the teeth more frequent than the usual is recommended, along with keeping the adequate oral hygiene
  • It is recommended to use antiseptic mouthwash
  • In case of severe pain, it is recommended to use painkillers
  • Have the check-up examinations and seam removal done at the appointment